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 Q. How did you get into hair?

 A. I got into hair because I always had a passion for expressing my creativity, I felt that hair was an outlet that allowed me to do that! I love being able to connect with people through something that I’m able to create for them!


 Q. What do you love about the hair industry?


 A. I think the beauty industry is one that is ever changing! I believe that every day from every client, and from every co worker, we are always constantly learning & growing! I hope that I am able to share with others a small piece of my knowledge and inspire them to become the best version of themselves and to learn more in this amazing industry!

Q. Top 3 products available at GUIDE?


 A. All from Kerastase

Blonde Absolu Shampoo & Conditioner, Nectar Thermique and Baume Miracle


 Q. What kind of hair are you known for?


 A. BLONDES! I love my blondes in all shades, shapes, and styles! I specialize in blondes, highlights, balayage/hair painting, and long to medium length cuts!


 Q. What foods can't you live without?


 A. Potatoes, chicken tenders, salt & vinegar chips, chocolate of any sort! ( were these suppose to be healthy foods!?!)


 Q. How do you spend your downtime?


 A. With family & friends, watching reality tv to get in my laughs, in the summer I like to be at the lake, also adult colouring books because I find it relaxing! Lol

 Q. What is your personal style?


 A. I would say my personal style for most days falls into the “chic basics” category! I love myself a good blazer or trendy suit but in my off time you can definitely catch me in jeans and a bunny hug ( so Saskatchewan lol)

Q. What is your fav local business?


 A. I honestly love so many! It’s so important to support local! A few examples are Hometown Diner, Swank, and Crave!


 Q. Do you have any recommended reading or watching?


 A. My favourite TV shows are How To Get Away With Murder, The Good Place, and of course OG Gossip Girl, and the Ozarks! I’m not much of a reader but I usually will gravitate towards a mystery!

 Q. Any past/future travel plans?


 A. Travelling is my other love and passion outside of the salon! I recently just got back from a Western European trip and I can’t wait to go again! In the future I’d like to explore more of Europe, specifically Italy & Greece! Hopefully Australia one day too!

 Q. Fav quote or motto?


 A. “ Sometimes you can do everything right and things will still go wrong. The key is to never stop doing right”

 Q. Fun fact?

 A. I live vicariously through quoting movies!