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Carlyn Donohoe


Specialtizes in

Balayage, Grey Coverage, Dimensional Brunettes, Long + Short Cuts

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How did you get into hair?

I remember from as early as grade one that there was something about the hair Industry and salons that I loved. I loved the smell, the social aspect & artistic vibes. I would do my dolls’ & friends’ hair all the time so it was no shock to my family when I finished high school & went straight into hair school. 


What do you love about the hair industry?


The thing I love the most about being a hairdresser is helping  my clients feel and look their best. I get to do the job I love while building strong relationship with my clients. Hair is worn every single day. Therefore it should always make a person feel beautiful and confident. I always strive to make every salon guest  feel their very best and have great salon experience. ​

What kind of hair are you known for?


Balayage & hair painting. Vidal Sassoon cutting trained & lover of blow outs! 

What foods can't you live without?


I love Mexican foods!


What songs/ artists do you have on repeat?


Post Malone, J cole & basically anything hip hop from the 90’s 

What is your personal style?


Casual with a bit of an edgy flair.

How do you spend your downtime?


Working out at Orangetheory (love that place), soaking in the bath (seriously I’m addicted) or hanging out at my parents cabin at the lake. (Love paddle boarding) 

What is your fav local business?


The Brow Babe & Congress (yummmm)


Do you have any recommended reading or watching?


The Compound Effect.

Any past/future travel plans?


I traveled & lived in Australia for a year and New Zealand for a month. I lived and worked as a stylist in Banff for over 5 years. I love getting away in the winter to warmer climates.

Fav quote or motto?


Love what you do & do what you love.

Fun fact?

I broke the same wrist twice, once snowboarding and once tubing behind a boat. Broke my foot attempting a fancy dance move on the street and dislocated my knee on the dance floor. Each of these times I was having a lot of fun. 

cut + style

Signature Blowdry Style

Includes an amazing scalp massage, and blowdry style with some hot tool touch ups. If you have extensions add $20 for extra time.



Includes consult, amazing scalp massage, hot tips to help you create your look at home and styling. Extra long, thick or complex cut add $20


Special Occasion Styling

Sleek and classic, soft and boho and everything in-between. Customized styling for your special event. Includes any curls, waves and some pinning.


Clipper Cut/ Short Cut

Barber related/short maintenance cut if you have been to the salon before and it has not been more than 5 weeks since your last cut.



Customized styling for your special event done on clean, dry hair. Includes any curls, waves and pinning.


new client sessions

New Client Colour Change

If you are looking for a big change, are looking for rainbow/vivid tones or have not had your hair done in the last 6 months, pleasebook in for a CONSULTATION first to make sure we book you in properly as more time may be needed for a big change.

Pricing discussed at consultation

New Client Lightening/Blonding Session

Choose this package if it is your first time to GUIDE and if you have an overall blonde look and usually receive foils, balayage, foilayage etc. This first time lightening session will give your stylist a bit of extra time to consult with you, and make a plan for future maintenance appointments.


New Client Dimensional Colour Session

Choose this package if it is your first time to GUIDE and you are looking to refresh your look and you have an overall look that is brunette, red, auburn or coloured grey coverage. This first time session will give your stylist a bit of extra time to consult with you, and make a plan for future maintenance appointments.


maitenance lightening/ blonding 

maitenance colour services 

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