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Kara Firman


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How did you get into hair?

My mom is a hairdresser! I grew up sitting on my chair perch in the salon watching everything she did and listening to all of the clients. I was lucky that she brought me to all the hairshows and I even modeled in some and easily fell in love with the magic.


What do you love about the hair industry?


In Guide, I want to give my team an encouraging space to flourish in and be supported from myself and their coworkers. For clients, I want them to feel amazing with their look, to feel heard and comfortable, and have an incredible experience at Guide. I am also always trying to bring fellow hair nerds together- creating a supportive little community.​

What foods can't you live without?


Mexican food is something I could live off of- however charcuterie and a glass of wine would come in second place.

Fav song or artist on repeat?


Oh gosh, I love music and play what suits my mood. Anything from Ukrainian party tunes (yup for real), to Elton John to Ani Difranco to Pearl Jam! 

What is your personal style?

I love dressing up for work! I've been adding colour slowly but surely, but I'd say I'm fairly minimalistic with some edge?!


How do you spend your downtime?


Hanging with my fam jam- hubby David and Jacob, Elsa and of course Frank. I live for beach time in the summer and in the winter I watch more TV, pretty much any cooking competition based show. I grew up Ukrainian dancing and have taken it on again 20+ years later in my same instructor's adult group.

What is your fav local business?


Primal and Pop Wine Bar are my go tos for delicious food with the best experience and service.


Do you have any recommended reading or watching?


I read and listen to books and podcasts constantly! I'm trying to step out of my self-development nerd phase and get back to reading for fun. I've been enjoying the series about the Brown sisters by Talia Hibbert lately.

Any past/future travel plans?


Well, it's been on my list for too long so planning to visit Paris and London ASAP! I'm grateful to be able to travel through Canada as an educator with L'Oreal Professionnel, and my fave city that we get together for trainings a couple of times a year is Montreal.

Fav quote or motto?


I love quotes... just follow my insta...however the one that is always relevant is "Clear is kind, unclear is unkind" -Brene Brown

Fun fact?

I'm an extreme introvert in my real life. I for sure embrace my awkwardness but if you see me out in public, I might be that person that hides to avoid a conversation haha

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