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 Q. How did you get into hair?

 A. I got into hair because I wanted a job that would connect me with people. The hair industry is fun, creative, and social. Never in a million years did I think I would become a hair stylist, but its easily one of the best decisions I have ever made. 


 Q. What do you love about the hair industry?


 A. Oh man, so much! I desire to give back everything that I have been given: Joy, gratitude, perspective, insight. Getting to do hair is such a gift because of the interactions with the people. My hope is that through sharing time and space together, we can recognize the gift that both hair and life is. 


 Q. What kind of hair are you known for?


 A. I love cutting hair; I could cut hair for hours. I love how dynamic it is and how immediate the cause and effect is. It’s like one big discovery process. I love personalizing, dry cutting, razor cutting, thinning, texturizing, layering. All of it. I feel that a good hair colour is best supported by a great hair cut. 

 Q. What foods can't you live without?

 A. I love Mexican food. Tacos, pico de gallo, guac, cilantro. Give it to me. 

 Q. How do you spend your downtime?


 A. Playing drums, reading books, making/drinking coffee, or thrifting.

 Q. What is your personal style?


 A. I want to call it punk. Basically any fashion trend that rejects the status quo I am here for.


Q. What is your fav local business?


 A. Life Outside. I’m a big fan of sustainable work and repurposed goods. If I buy new things, I usually try to make sure they come from sustainable sources - other than that its secondhand goods all the way. 


 Q. Do you have any recommended reading or watching?

 A. I’ve almost always got a book with me. Comedy Sex God by Pete Holmes and The Universal Christ by Richard Rohr are two of my favourites. Also, I got deep into MR. ROBOT over covid and it did not disappoint.

 Q. Any past/future travel plans?

 A. I lived in Southern California for a year before beginning hair school. I’ve been to a few South American countries and I’ve done lots of road trips to see bands play across Canada and the US. I would love to go to Japan or Israel at some point in my life.

 Q. Fav song or artist on repeat?

 A. I make seasonal playlists on my Spotify of music that I’ve got on repeat. Summer 2021 has some brockhampton, Billie Eilish, Death cab for Cutie, Jack White, Jay Electronica, and a whole lot more. 


 Q. Fav quote or motto?


 A.  “Beauty is life when life unveils her holy face. 

But you are life and you are the veil.

Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. 

But you are eternity. 

And you are the mirror.” 

- Kahlil Gibran, On Beauty

 Q. Fun fact?

 A. I have over 20  tattoos and no intention of slowing down.